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The origin of the name of Indonesia Name Indoneisa for the first time appeared in the world that is contained in article 254 pages James Richardson Logan (1819-1869). Mr. Suggests the Ethnographical Earl Indunesian term, but rejects it in favour of Malayunesian. I prefer the purely geographical term Indonesia, the which is merely a shorter Synonym for the Indian Islands or the Indian Archipelago. Logan was a Scot who earned a law degree from the University of Edinburgh. At the time of Indonesia proposed the name Logan is not aware and did not expect was the name Indonesia became the name of the nation and the country where the population is the fourth largest in the world. From there James Richardson Logan has consistently used the name of Indonesia in his scientific work, and with a journey time over the use of the name of Indonesia spread among the scientists areas of ethnology and geography. This is the beginning point of the name of Indonesia in the world. 

In 1884 The Professor of ethnology at the University of Berlin named Adolf Bastian (1826-1905) published a book Indonesien oder die Inseln Archipel des Malayischen five volumes, containing the results of his research when it wandered into our homeland in 1864 until 1880. Bastian is a book that popularized the term Indonesia among the Dutch scholar, so that could arise Indonesia's assumption that the term creation Bastian. Opinion that is not true that, among others listed in the Encyclopedie van Nederlandsch-Indie 1918. Though Indonesia's Bastian took the term from the writings of Logan. 

Son of the motherland who first used the term Indonesia is Suwardi Suryaningrat (Ki Hajar Dewantara). When the exhaust to the Netherlands in 1913 he established a press office with the name of the Press-bureau Indonesische.Sponsored LinksIn the 1920s, the name of Indonesia which is a scientific term in ethnology and geography were taken over by the figures of the independence movement of our homeland, so the name of Indonesia finally has a political meaning, namely the identity of a people who fight for freedom! As a result the Dutch government became suspicious and wary of Logan's use of the word creation. 

Bung Hatta confirmed in writing, the State of Indonesia Merdeka will come (de Vrije Indonesische toekomstige staat) impossible-called Dutch-Indies. Also not-Indian-only, because it may cause errors with the native Indians. For us the name of Indonesia declared a political objective (een Politiek doel), because it symbolizes and aspire to a homeland in the future, and to make it happen every person Indonesia (Indonesians) will strive with all effort and ability. 

Meanwhile, in the homeland Dr. Sutomo Indonesische Study Club founded in 1924. That same year the Indian Communist Union renamed the Communist Party of Indonesia (PKI). Then in 1925 Jong Islamieten Bond form Nationaal scouting Indonesische Padvinderij (Natipij). That the three organizations in the country which first used the name Indonesia. Finally, the name Indonesia has been named as the name of homeland, nation and our language on the density-Pemoedi Pemoeda Indonesia dated October 28, 1928, which we now call the Youth Pledge. 

In August 1939 three members of the Volksraad (People's Council, the Dutch Parliament), Muhammad Husni Thamrin, Wiwoho Purbohadidjojo, and Sutardjo Kartohadikusumo, filed a motion to the Government of Indonesia inaugurated the Netherlands to name a replacement name Nederlandsch-Indie. But the Dutch stubbornness that this motion be rejected outright. 

So God's will was valid. With the fall of our country into the hands of Japan on March 8, 1942, gone are the name of the Dutch East Indies for ever. Then on August 17, 1945, for the grace of Almighty God, born of the Republic of Indonesia.Brief Description: 

Regarding Logan. His name: James Richardson Logan (1819-1869). He was a Scot who took a law degree from the University of Edinburgh. 

He's just a manager's annual scientific magazine, the Journal of the Indian Archipelago and Eastern Asia (JIAEA); published in Singapore in 1847. 

People who are more discerning about Indonesia & Indonesia region where it is located, George Samuel Windsor Earl (1813-1865). 

He is an English ethnologist nation. In 1849, he filed two options name: Indunesia or Malayunesia (nesos in Greek means island). 

On page 71 an article was written: ... the inhabitants of the Indian Archipelago or Malayan Archipelago would Indunesians or Malayunesians Become respectively. 

Earl himself claims to choose a name Malayunesia (Malay Archipelago) than Indunesia (Indian Islands), because Malayunesia very appropriate for the Malay race, while Indunesia can also be used to Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and Maldives (Maldives). Anyway, Earl said, is not used throughout the Malay archipelago? In writing the Earl's use of the term and not use the term Malayunesia Indunesia. 

That's a little article about The Origin of Name Indonesia, hopefully with the article, you in particular who really want to know for certain about the early history of Indonesia first name was not curious anymore, and certainly as duniabaca.com say by reading our science will increase.

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