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However it should be known that there are two main categories of beings:
Natural: These are those who were born into, and choose to remain, what they are.
Artificial: These are those who, after being born, change themselves, either by choice, accidents, circumstances, or through the abilities of Devil Fruits, into something "different". In other words, they are "made" rather than born.

Tribes of One Piece:
1.Kumate Tribe (chapter.55, episode.47)
2.Shandia Tribe (chapter.221, episode.145)
3.Longarm Tribe (chapter.498, episode.392)
4.Kuja Tribe (chapter.514, episode.408)
5.Longleg Tribe (chapter.651, episode.570)
6.Tontatta Tribe (chapter.711, episode.640)
7.Mink Tribe (chapter.805, episode.?)
8.Snakeneck Tribe (chapter.501, episode.395)

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