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When Abul Qosim Al - Qusyairi , new leaves his hometown to study to Bukhara. for a moment he remembered how the clothes unclean splash when she helped her mother work at home, he stopped and said to her companion.

"My friend, while I want to go home and be right back here but you should go first. Because I thought of my clothes that are unclean, if I did not replace it, I'm afraid it will be unclean until the country mengotoriku Bukhara. If still so doing, I'm afraid the sciences that I learned from our teachers there will be closing the road to the guidance of ALLAH, so I lost it, may I avoided from such things. " 

Then returned, Abul Qosim Al - Qusyairi to his home and found his mother standing at the front door welcome him and hugged him and said, "Thank ALLAH" because of his mother waiting for the return of her only son that he loved. 

It is said, then Nabi Khidir as commanded by ALLAH to meet Abul Qosim Al - Qusyairi , "Go see Qosim Abul al - Qushayri, Shalihah mother's son, and teach the sciences that have you learned from Abu Hanifah to him, because he went wander over mother-sanctioned road! " 

Furthermore, the Nabi Khidir as Abul Qosim Al - Qusyairi  meet in order to lower the Fiqih sciences. He said, "You intend to do Safar (the name in the world of Sufism for people who leave the place of birth to a distant country with the intention of studying) together with your friend to seek knowledge by letting your mother in this village alone. So leave I'll come every day and you will learn with me. "Since the first meeting between Nabi Khidir as with Abul Qosim it, Nabi Khidir as it comes back the next day and the days that followed. Thus lasted for 3 years. 

After absorbing the sciences of Nabi Khidir as long as 3 years, then in all his life he was able to write a thousand book containing various types of science. 

Nabi Khidir as learning sciences to the fiqh of Abu Hanifa for 30 years, while Abul Qosim Al - Qusyairi absorb these sciences in just 3 years. Whether because Nabi Khidir as an effective teaching method has all the advantages given by Allah or Qosim Abul al-Qushayri that really a genius? Nabi Khidir Teach Science Abul Qosim Al - Qusyairi.

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