ISLAM: Excess People Rosulullah SAW

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Adam As mentioned that the Prophet has said, "Verily, Allah has given to the people of Muhammad SAW 4 glory is not given to me: 


My repentance is acceptable only in the city of Mecca, while Repentance People of the Prophet Muhammad SAW received at any place by Allah SWT. 


At first I was dressed, but I do lawless to Allah SWT, Allah SWT has made I'm Naked. Muhammad's SAW people make the lawless one with Naked, but Allah gave them clothes. 


When I was lawless to Allah SWT, Allah SWT has separated me with my wife. But people do lawless Muhammad SAW, Allah does not separate their wife.  


 It is true I have been lawless to God in Heaven and I'm out of heaven, but the People of God Muhammad SAW lawless one will be in place in Heaven if they repent to Allah SWT.

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